Our restoration team works with great pride according to old techniques and with historically correct materials - just like in the old days. Our advantage is our knowledge of the individual eras and their different processing methods, materials and surface treatments. We therefore work with natural materials, like those used when the furniture was created.

Our range of services includes the conservation and restoration of historical furniture, wooden objects, interiors and fixtures, historical surface techniques such as shellac hand polishing, frames and gilding, and regenerating historical surfaces.

During restoration, the surfaces of an antique piece of furniture are matched to the type of furniture and refined with shellac, varnish and wax polishes according to old traditions. The focus of furniture restoration is to restore the functions of all moving parts and an intact and beautiful surface in a natural way.

Search & Find


Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are searching for a specific object. Our European-wide network is enabling us to detect nearly any antique you are looking for.

Furthermore we provide to every purchase the history of the object, so you will always have a nice memory which be told for generations to come.



Exceptional Antiques will also take care about a fast and secured shipment of your valuable items. To avoid a long wait for your objects all will be shipped fully insured by airfreight.

Because we work with the most trustworthy and reliable transporters, your valuables arrive in perfect condition.

We have a well-equipped packing station and we also work with biodegradable filling material - for our planet. This guarantees perfect packaging, some of which is also ecological.